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From El-Fasher to Khartoum: The fallout from 20 years of conflict in Darfur

Time (GMT +01) 17:00 18:30
Image credit:Darfur’s forgotten refugees. European Union/Dominique Catton Image license:CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
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Running order

0:00 Sara Pantuliano (ODI) – Introduction and opening remarks

9:39 Eddie Thomas – The Janjaweed militia and the control of resources in Sudan

19:33 Susanne Jaspars (SOAS) – Can we apply the scholarship over the last 20 years to what we’re seeing in Sudan?

27:06 Kholood Khair (Confluence Advisory) – Where do we establish fault lines in the balance?

33:19 Suad Musa (researcher and activist) – What is the role of the media in Sudan over the past 20 years?

40:08 Susanne Jaspars – Migration from Sudan to Europe: the EU and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF)

43:16 Professor Musa A. Abdul-Jalil (University of Khartoum) – More on the control of resources in Sudan

47:06 Suad Musa – What should a meaningful international humanitarian response look like now?

57:46 Kholood Khair – What can international partners do that is meaningful on the humanitarian and the political side?

1:02:14 All participants – Q&A session

About the event

Bloody violence on the streets of Khartoum in recent days is a stark reminder of a turbulent history of conflict in Sudan, a country wracked by decades of civil war. Sudan’s first civil war with southern Sudan started soon after independence, in 1956. April 2023 marks at least 20 years of Sudan’s latest conflict, and genocide, in Darfur. Independence (for the South) and ill-conceived peace agreements have led to escalating violence. Millions of civilians have died in these conflicts, whether from direct violence, or indirectly, from deprivation and disease. Millions more remain displaced.

Bringing together key Sudanese experts, commentators and analysts, including from the region, this event will provide an opportunity to reflect on the conflict’s long history, the evolution of the current crisis and the humanitarian, political and diplomatic response. The event also launches a virtual issue of Disasters journal with a range of articles reflecting on the crisis.

To close the event, Waging Peace provides a short testimonial highlighting the reality for Darfuris affected by the conflict.


  • Sara Pantuliano

    Sara Pantuliano

    Chief Executive, ODI (chair/moderator)

  • Susanne Jaspars

    Susanne Jaspars

    Senior Research Fellow, SOAS University of London

  • Professor Musa A. Abdul-Jalil

    Professor Musa A. Abdul-Jalil

    Peace Research Institute, University of Khartoum

  • Kholood Khair

    Kholood Khair

    Founder and Director, Confluence Advisory

  • Suad Musa

    Suad Musa

    Freelance Researcher and Activist