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ODI in conversation with Emma Dabiri: can coalitions counter the anti-feminist backlash?

Time (GMT +01) 10:30 11:30
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Running order

00:00 Sara Pantuliano (ODI) – Introduction and opening remarks

05:47 Emma Dabiri – The connection between current anti-rights movement against women and ultra-conservative movement

11:27 Emma Dabiri – A useful alternative to allyship and those who want to align themselves with progressive movements

17:55 Emma Dabiri – How we can avoid performative gender equality and ensure we stay true to our aims?

22:54 Emma Dabiri – How we can bring together an effective feminist coalition?

29:09 Emma Dabiri – What role can philanthropists play in feminist coalitions?

32:43 All participants – Q&A session

57:32 Emma Dabiri and Sara Pantuliano – Closing remarks

About the event

Rising authoritarian and anti-democratic trends are eroding women’s rights around the world, threatening hard-won progress towards gender justice. An effective counter response will require a bold new approach to collective action.

In this online event, our Chief Executive Sara Pantuliano is joined in conversation with Emma Dabiri. Together they look closer at the backlash against recent social movements and the implications for those working to uphold rights and freedoms.

A powerful backlash is at work to undermine the gains of recent social movements like #BlackLivesMatter and #MeToo, while entrenching harmful social norms. Last year’s ruling in the US on Roe vs. Wade, as well as recent resignations of women leaders from political life, reveal the impact of this backlash on our everyday lives.

In this event, Emma shares her vision of how justice can be reimagined through the lens of coalition. We explore opportunities for coalition-building across borders and geographies between interconnected struggles for rights and self-determination.

Emma Dabiri is a pioneering Irish-Nigerian broadcaster, historian and bestselling author who advocates for more systemic responses beyond the individual to better achieve collective goals. Her focus on ‘world-making practices’ centres strategies and structural steps necessary to create new just worlds in an era of overlapping crises.


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