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How to partner with feminist movements for transformative change

Briefing/policy papers

Written by Emilie Tant, Diana Jiménez Thomas Rodriguez

Image credit:Concept illustration of ALIGN's Social movements map. Credit: DESIGN BY MAIA, 2022

One year on from the Generation Equality Forum, where $40 billion was promised to accelerate transformative change, policy-makers and funders are still a long way from operationalising those commitments and implementing what is required.

This ODI Policy brief is intended to help those working towards gender equality to better meet the aspirations and needs of those they aim to support. It departs from a growing base of evidence that those who seek to advance gender justice will accelerate progress when they intentionally channel resources to feminist social movements – one of the most important historical drivers of change.

At a time when reproductive rights are in extreme jeopardy, financing feminist activism has never been more urgent. By centring the expertise of those with deepest roots in social movements, donors can learn to better adapt funding modalities and objectives to the nature of activist work. Many key takeaways emerge from ODI's Global Dialogue on Unlocking feminist activism, which called for us to imagine a world in which feminist movements are responsibly resourced, enabling them to grow and develop feasible agendas for change, to meet their gender justice aspirations.

ALIGN Social movements map

Find leading women's organisations and feminist movements taking action to promote gender norm change around the world.

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