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Think Change episode 17: what does poverty really mean today?

Written by Sara Pantuliano, Rathin Roy, Ricardo Fuentes-Nieva, Yamini Aiyar

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Until recently, conversations about ending poverty were very mainstream. The sustainable development goals spoke of ending extreme poverty, and reducing poverty in all its forms to very low levels by 2030.

But poverty seems to have fallen out of common parlance when discussing the many crises we face today.

More fundamentally, are traditional notions of ending poverty simply by increasing individual income above an arbitrary line even useful any more? Poverty has changed over time, but general definitions and perceptions are still stuck in the past.

In this episode our guests share their unique perspectives on why we need to rethink how we define and fight poverty today, ahead of the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting at Davos next week.

To find out more, sign up to watch the livestream of our Davos event on rethinking policy for a new era of poverty.


  • Sara Pantuliano (host), Chief Executive, ODI
  • Yamini Aiyar, President and Chief Executive, Centre for Policy Research
  • Ricardo Fuentes-Nieva, Director of Equity and Social Policy, ODI
  • Rathin Roy, Managing Director, ODI