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Teaching and learning for life skills development: Insights from Rwanda’s 12+ programme for adolescent girls

Journal issue/article

Written by Rachel Marcus

This paper draws on lessons from Rwanda’s 12+ programme, a nonformal life skills programme for adolescent girls. Examining potential links between pedagogical practices and the programme’s impacts on adolescent girl participants, it enquires into lessons that may be learned for both formal and nonformal schooling.

The development of life skills has been increasingly recognised in formal and non-formal education programmes as critical to enabling young people to flourish. Recent competency-based curricular reform reflects a growing consensus on the importance of developing a combination of socio-emotional, cognitive and practical skills to overcome contemporary social, environmental, and economic global challenges.

This paper examines the pedagogical practices that develop such skills by drawing on lessons from Rwanda’s 12+ programme, a non-formal life skills programme for adolescent girls.

These ingredients of effective life skills led to the development of adolescent girls’ skills, knowledge, and attitudes.

Teacher education and ongoing professional development should focus on strengthening teachers’ capacity to use learner-centred, interactive methods, and to foster positive social relationships with and amongst learners.

Authors: Sophia D’Angelo, Rachel Marcus and Ernest Ngabo