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Think Change episode 26: how can we build a just financial relationship between Global North and Global South?

Written by Frederique Dahan, Sara Pantuliano, Chantal Naidoo, Hanan Morsy

Think Change episode 26 SM card

Next week, world leaders head to Paris for the Summit for a New Global Financing Pact.

In the words of French President Emmanuel Macron, the Summit aims to ‘provide a forum to take stock on all the means and ways of increasing financial solidarity within the South.'

It builds on the so-called Bridgetown Initiative launched at COP by Prime Minister of Barbados, Mia Mottley, but goes beyond Bridgetown’s climate focus to cover a broad range of issues, from poverty and human development to the debt crisis.

Politically, the message is clear: this Summit will be different from the others. This time, there will be true pledges and concrete deliverables. This time, it is all about building a new contract between the North and the South.

Is this realistic? Can we expect a true dialogue this time? And what is at stake if this Summit doesn’t deliver on its promises?


  • Sara Pantuliano (host), Chief Executive, ODI
  • Hanan Morsy, Deputy Executive Secretary and Chief Economist at the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa
  • Chantal Naidoo, founder of Rabia Transitions Initiative in South Africa, Research fellow at Sussex University, and Visiting Researcher at the Grantham Institute of Climate Change and Environment.
  • Frederique Dahan, Director of Development and Public Finance programme, ODI

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