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Women Deliver 2023

This week's Women Deliver conference is taking place to an alarming backdrop of women's rights and freedoms being threatened globally. As decision-makers gather in Kigali, Rwanda, explore our latest resources on how to counter the anti-rights movement and continue to push for change.

Think Change episode 28 - how can we counter the anti-feminist backlash?

Think Change episode 28: how can we counter the anti-feminist backlash?

This episode examines the issues driving the anti-women’s rights movement, the challenges that advocates of women’s rights must confront, and options for change.

Women Deliver 2023: we can’t let the anti-rights movement prevail

This year's conference provides an important rallying point in pushing back against the corrosive gender norms that sustain inequality, writes our Chief Executive Sara Pantuliano.

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The ALIGN platform

ALIGN is a digital platform that is creating a global community of researchers, practitioners and thought leaders, all committed to gender justice and equality.


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