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Digital Public Finance Hub

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Bringing public finance into the digital era

The Digital Public Finance Hub is helping to bring public finance into the digital era. The Hub will support governments to manage public resources for service delivery by leveraging digital infrastructure and digital ways of working. It will promote new ways of thinking around the digital transformation of public finance by generating evidence, convening communities of practice, and building country partnerships.

Public finance in the digital era: working paper series



BudgetByte #1: can standards for fiscal data exchange support better service delivery? (25 July)

The first in ODI's new BudgetBytes webinar series, this event explores how standards for fiscal data exchange can support better service delivery.
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Budgets and Bytes: how can digital improve public spending?

This event explores the potential of digitalisation to reshape how governments manage their public finances to be more responsive to contemporary challenges and expectations.
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Budgets and Bytes blog series

These blogs examine the latest developments in the world of digitalisation and its relevance for public finance.

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