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  1. Women Deliver 2023: we can’t let the anti-rights movement prevail

  2. Think Change episode 28: how can we counter the anti-feminist backlash?

  3. Fiscal policy and gender income inequality: the role of taxes and social spending

    Research reports

  4. Income inequality, gender and the role of tax and transfers


  5. Personal income tax reforms and income inequality in African countries

    Working papers

  6. DPF roundtable event summary | Mainstreaming equality into fiscal policy: Distributional analysis in finance ministries

    Meeting/conference reports

  7. Ripe for reckoning? White saviourism in international development


  8. From low-carbon consumers to climate leaders

    Literature reviews

  9. A new framework for measuring and fighting poverty

  10. Think Change episode 17: what does poverty really mean today?

  11. WEF at Davos 2023

  12. Fiscal multipliers: a review of fiscal stimulus options and impact on developing countries

    Research reports

  13. Inflation, incomes and inequality – how can lower-income countries use fiscal policy to the greatest effect?

  14. Advancing gender equality and climate action: a practical guide to setting targets and monitoring progress


  15. Development Policy Review November 2022 round-up

  16. The crises we choose

  17. Fiscal policy and income inequality: the role of taxes and social spending

    Research reports

  18. Women's organisations and feminist mobilisation: supporting the foundational drivers of gender equality

    Briefing/policy papers

  19. Climate change, conflict and displacement: five key misconceptions

    Briefing/policy papers

  20. Understanding vulnerability and exclusion in Ghana

    Research reports