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ODI Strategy 2021-2025


The key elements of this strategy are:

Expand our research and convening to influence global debates and address challenges facing rich and poor countries alike. We will engage beyond the traditional ‘development sector’ and lower-income countries, and ensure that our research remains ground-breaking and rigorous.

Improve our ability to influence policy and practice. We will invest more, in more effective ways, in our strategic engagement and communications, policy outreach and advisory capacity.

Invest in our people. Develop fit-for-purpose skills and experience, with the right expertise to deliver on our mission as a truly global think tank. Design and foster new, innovative ways of working and a motivated and forward-looking work culture.

Strengthen ODI’s environmental sustainability by tracking, publishing and reducing greenhouse gas emissions as a result of our work practices.

Strengthen our financial resilience by improving our business model and diversifying our client and funding base, as well as improving the efficiency, effectiveness and cohesiveness of our portfolio of projects and activities.

Develop new collaborative partnerships with organisations and individuals in our global network, including private sector organisations that share our commitment and ethos. In low-income countries, we will consciously design collaborative programmes to promote shared objectives and research capacity, and advance mutual financial sustainability.

Become a more diverse organisation, with staff from different countries and cultures, producing work and holding events in different languages and, potentially, representation in countries other than the UK. The new ODI website will showcase a more diverse organisation that features the voices of those we partner with.